Why I do this? It's simple… because it's fun!

—??? to Dante in past meeting

??? is a spirit that killed Aria and the reason why Dante hunt her.

She's the current antagonist character in The coming of BlackWhite one.

Summary Edit

In Progress...

Appearance Edit

She looks like a young woman with purple eyes and long purple hair. she have slim perfect body with large bust. She wear a red ribbon in left side of her hair.

Personality Edit

From outside, she looks like normal cheerful girl, but when she let out her true personality she can be cold-sadistic person. She's enjoy killing people whatever they're with just simple reason: it's fun.

She somehow also seems little self-centered person.

Plot Edit

BlackWhite one Edit

Arc I: The coming: Epilogue

Arc II: Re:_: Ch 3-???

Power and Abilities Edit

Spirit Form Edit

Angel: ???

Weapon: Metallic big sharp-as-blade finger

Astral Dress: ???

Her power is currently unknown, but she shows the immense strength and agility to be able withstand against Aria speed and also the abilities to duplicate someone else appearance and manipulate shadow. Now the other power she revealed was able to make her own clone that also able to use her power.

Yggdrasill's Database: Spirit's Data Edit

Risk Factor: SS

Spacequake: ?

Spirit's Astral Dress: AAA

Angel: S

Strength: 309

Consistency: 315

Spiritual Power: 314

Agility: 305

Intelligence: 229

Trivia Edit

  • She's the one who killed Aria
  • She's always mentioning about "The Creator".
    • Everytime she mention it, strange enough she mention it toward someone that she know.
      • it was revealed that was Dante she mentioned, as the chosen one of bearer of The Creator power.