Alex Herman is a Wizard of Gold Squadron under Dellingr Military (who are secretly under Ratatoskr). He along with Gold Squadron has participated years of battles against DEM interests globally and assisted in Spirit control operations before Shido sealed Tohka. His callsign was Gold 12, Gold 7, and currently Gold 2 as the second-in-command of the Gold Squadron.

Appearance Edit

Standing at 1.76m tall, Alex has a medium built body that is muscular due to his military training. He has a short blonde hair that he styles to the left and a pair of emerald green eyes. He has a circular scar near his right temple, this was caused by a shot to the head with a pistol.

He mostly appears in Dellingr Red uniform, which has black bands at the shoulders and chests, black angled cuffs and black boots. Upon his promotion to commander candidate his uniformed is changed slightly, while retaining the red, the black bands are switched to white and the black cuffs now has gold markings.

His helmet is also decorated with 2 gold triangle liveries (1 at left and 1 at right) and two gold wings at the front.

Personality Edit

Alex initially was timid, calm and obedient when he was young. Since young he has display a love for reading. However, Max Herman's machinations had turned him into a mindless puppet which only listens to Max's orders. He was emotionless, violent and ruthless as the combat drugs given to him caused that.

After the failed assassination of Elliot Woodman and the failed suicide on board Fraxinus, his rehabilitation and training causes him to be more confident and less timid. Due to his display of discipline, Elliot Woodman drafted him into Dellingr. Military training has made him a lot more bold, a complete opposite of his former self.

Due to him being an orphan, he views the Wizards of Gold Squadron as his family and he loves them. He is deeply saddened whenever one of them is killed in a mission or has to leave due to the injuries sustained. He especially cares for his friends, Nic, Miguel, Colt and Mag.

He is also a low profile person, he has no social media account and rarely goes to any party except at fellow member's request. He rarely takes off his helmet on duty even if stationed at other Ratatoskr base. This is evident when Gold Squadron was stationed on Fraxinus, the crew did not recognize Alex until he was dismissed back to his quarters and come out in his uniform.

Abilities Edit

Alex is an ace Wizard who has displayed abnormal proficiency with telekinesis through the use of Territory. He is capable of exerting concrete shattering force as he easily crushes multiple Bandersnatches into flatten pieces with just one gesture.

He is also exceptionally gifted in air to air combat as he is drafted into Gold Squadron after breaking new records in air to air combat simulations. Gold Squadron likewise is a squad of Wizards mostly dedicated to air to air combat operations, Alex's skills in the air has made him climb up the ranks, from his green uniform he advanced to red and then to red with white stripes (denoting that Alex is a commander candidate and may be called out to form an entirely new squadron) in just a few years.

His combat prowess is well known in the battle of Dardanelles where he shot down 500 Bandersnatches and 100 DEM Wizards by the end of the operation, earning the moniker of Raptor of Dardanelles. He almost took down Jessica Bailey, but he was defeated by her.

He also lacks the ability to fight against Spirits as he was almost killed in an operation to try to stop Yamai sister from continue fighting as the storms they created has sunk a cruise ship and interfering rescue operation.

Equipment Edit


Standard issue sidearm for all Dellingr personnel


Standard issue rifle for all Dellingr personnel

Armored G Combat Wiring Suit

Black and gold full body wiring suit with armor plates for protection. Comes with a helmet that can be equiped with various modules. The color scheme also denotes that Alex is from Gold Squadron. The suit also provides protection of G-Force for the user. The suit comes with a full covered helmet with a pale blue semi-transparent visor. Wizards have access to HUD and offers better protection as well.

The suit is also pressurized and sealed as such allowed to the operator to operate at extremely high altitude where the air is thin.

AE14-Hawk CR-Unit

The Hawk is a CR-Unit built for dogfights in the air. Equipped with AT missiles and 70mm rapid fire gauss cannons which can break through Territory. The wings also have built in laser blade which allows the Wizard to cut off the CR-Unit of the foes. Squadron and Wizard designation can be found on the wings with color and number.

Despite being an extremely reliable CR-Unit, it lacks adaptability and does a poor job for airship raiding and ground support. The solid ammo it carries does not allow very long operating time in combat. It is eventually phased out for Raptor.

AE16-Raptor CR-Unit

Raptor is the culmination of various projects' concept where Asgard and Dellingr's inner circle had developed. The Raptor is built to replace Hawk, Raptor has a lot more options for specialized equipment ranging from dogfights, ground support, anti-ship and ship raiding. Several features of Hawk is carried over to the Raptor such as the laser wings and twin mega-thrusters. While it is an amazing CR-Unit for the Wizards, it is a maintenance nightmare due to the complexity of the unit.

Thanks to its 8000kW reactor, Raptor is capable of using directed energy weapons which are extremely destructive. Also it granted significantly longer operating time for the user. Alex preferred configurations are with two twin barrel plasma rifles, missiles and a central mega particle cannon for his heavy assault style of combat.

Alex's unit was thrashed after his encounter with Yamai twins and got replaced.

AX-06 Theta

Alex very briefly piloted the Theta as its test pilot, however he was forced to destroy it after it was being hijacked. Theta is armed with a twin barrel plasma rifle, and a central mega particle cannon which is powerful enough to tear through a Wizard's territory. Theta's destruction however was not all for naught as the test data gathered were sufficient and it lived on in the form of Alex's configuration of his own Raptor.

RA-01 Phoenix

Trivia Edit

  • Dellingr Military ranks are denoted by colors which is similar to Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny's ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty). Green being common soldier or new recruit, Red being elite or in senior position, White being commander.
  • Alex's nickname of Luck is a testament of how lucky he is as he has survived two near fatal incident in his life; Alex has survived a gunshot to the head (albeit it took him nearly a year to fully recover) and a high speed crash of Raptor CR-Unit into the water which could have been fatal.
  • Herman means warrior or soldier in Germanic language, this is to reflect his status as a soldier.
  • Despite his name being fully English, he is someone of Japanese descent.