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Enemy of my enemy is my friend.

—Alisa, remembering Dante's words

Alisa Amelia Evanhart is a captain of AST Team on america. Being wizard she was trained by Dante with other personnel but she's get more training than other (because she's herself who ask it, with her own hidden intention).

She's one of main heroine of storyline, The coming of BlackWhite one.

Summary Edit

Appearance Edit

The young woman that looks on her 20's. She has pale silver long hair that reaches below her shoulder and blue eyes. During combat she wears black CR-Unit.

Due her enchantment surgery, her eyes turned into mix of blue onupper side and pale yellow on lower side of her pupil.

Personality Edit

She can be kind but at the same time a strict person. Most of her act is because the effect of Dante teaching. Her personalities somehow become more strict after the (fake)death of Dante.

She can be very stubborn to something if that related to Dante due she has some feeling to him. These personalities that make her will do anything to make Dante back to her side after know Dante survival and defecting.

After learned why Dante defecting, she's no longer to be stubborn and back to her old personality, a kind and strict person.

Plot Edit

BlackWhite one Edit

Arc I: The coming : Ch.6-End

Arc II: Re:_

Power and Abilities Edit

Equipments and Weapon Edit

  • Combat Wiring Suit
  • Combat Realizer Unit (CR-Unit)
    • <C C C>
    • <No Pain>
  • <Pendragon> type-β
    • <Caledvwlch> type-β
    • <Rhongomiant> type-β

She's able to fight with anykind of combat situation and terrain due her military experience on AST. Most of her way of fight is learned by get trained by Dante personally.

Due her enhancement surgery, she's now fight on a same level of Ellen and strange enough not decreasing her lifespan but effect her memory (healed due Dante).

Trivia Edit

  • She's like Dante, even though her feeling is somehow unrequited.
  • Same as Dante when he was joining DEM, she's also hold rivalry relationship with Ellen.
  • Her favorite food is hamburger.