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Annihilate Unit (AR-Unit) is a upgraded version of CR-Unit. It was only research and develop by Yggdrasill.

Usage & Technology Edit

Same as CR-Unit, it granted the user power of superhuman in certain limitation (different user have different limitation). However, not like CR-Unit, using AR-Unit need certain amount of minimal stats that can be trained until one can able to use it.

All AR-Unit were using a special technology that can be said as offshore of Realizer technology called Astral System. Astral System allowing the unit to give normal-trained-for-use human a superhuman power that can rivaling a C-class Spirit power. The Astral System also reduce greatly the usage of brain usage and strain when using a high powered equipment such like <White Licorice>. However, as exchange of it, the unit greatly increase the stamina using of user, allowed user to exhaust easily if not trained regulary.

Also, not like CR-Unit that have less protection on body, most of AR-Unit are using armor on most of part. The armor called S.C.A.L.E. It's a special armor plate using special developing, allowing a very hard protection yet still light and very elastic so the user movement will not hindered.

There's also different AR-Unit that can be called as special-type such as <True-Kusanagi> due using different and more complex system called EX-Astral System. The system connect to special part only found on those special-type, F.A.I.T.H Generator, that generate a similiar yet different mana like Spirit mana. Can be said that with those things, the special-type AR-Unit able to give user a same power as B-class or A-class Spirit power and in some unit in those type, it can also give a AAA-rank Spirit power in full power state. So far, only two person who wield that special-type AR-Unit (Dante and Spectre).

Unit Lists Edit

Annihilate Realizer Unit (AR-Unit) Edit Edit

An upgrade version of CR-Unit. Different from CR-Unit, AR-Unit created without any weakness from the entire CR-Unit.

AIMAR-TK02 <True-Kusanagi>

True-Kusanagi armor V.3

<True-Kusanagi> armor

A first AR-Unit that Dante created. Using his old CR-Unit <Kusanagi> as it base. It main equpiment:

  • <Murasame>'s.
  • Overdrive Mode.

AIMAR-ST03 <Spirit>

A second AR-Unit. As it name, it was first AR-Unit that can copy spirit power, depend on whose spirit mana that was use. It main equipment:

  • <Ex-Sandalphon> : based on Tohka's Angel Sandalphon.

AIMAR-CK04 <Calamity-Kusanagi>

C-Kusanagi image

<Calamity-Kusanagi> Unit

A third AR-Unit. A very young unit but also very dangerous due it main power source was Inverse Spirit mana. Due of that, anyone who not strong enough of sanity will become crazy if use the unit for long-term use. it main equipment:

  • <Heaven-Fall>

AIMAR-MC02-I / SS01CQC-PN <Mercurial>

A special-made AR-Unit for new Yggdrasill agent Spectre.

AIMAR-GR05-MP <Guerrilla>

Guerrilla AR-Unit

<Guerrilla> Unit

A mass-production AR-Unit. It was Yggdrasill's Wizards main Realizer unit. It main equipment:

  • <Phantom-Pain> : A high-frequency shortsword. It can be shortened into knife-like form.
  • <Phantom-Cry> : A custom-made handgun with 3.5 cm tungsten bullet.