Chapter 6: [The great spear of the frenzied king] Romach Melech. Part 1

Shidou slumped at one place and just gazed at [Fraxinus] which is now slowly dropping like it was being prevented to drop but still dropping in a quite rapid motion, but it was now burning, burning with the hopes that he will see his younger sister again, he couldn't blame Miku simply because she just followed what Kotori, who wished for his safety.

Who can he blame? It was himself, if he already followed what that man said he would have saved Kotori and the whole [Fraxinus].

"Ko-Koto-Kot-Kotori is dead…?"

"Do-don't…sa-say…that…Kotori…I-is alive! Darling! Don't say such things!"


Shidou quickly looked at Miku with lifeless eyes that completely lost hope but light quickly returned to it as he heard the idol's voice that was comforting him, so he hugged her tightly as he could she was the only one whom he could rely on that time.

"Now good bye, young Itsuka!"

Three people showed up in front of them and one of them was holding a giant gun that was aimed to Shidou, who quickly pushed Miku away to protect her, no matter what he can't let anyone be in danger again. The gun quickly fired at Shidou Miku tried to protect him but it was useless Shidou was almost hit.


The gun's fire was quickly deflected by someone standing in front of Shidou, was Origami who is currently using a new CR-unit a bit different from the [White Licorice] but it did have the same power from the looks of it.

"Shidou are you alright?"

Origami asked Shidou who was currently disillusioned of himself, but thankfully his companions were there supporting him and helping him but he can't let them do all the work.

"Now deal with her, Emilia"

Emilia quickly charged at Origami who fired multiple missiles at her but it was destroyed by her spheres that soon fired at Origami relentlessly but that was all evaded by Origami who jumped backwards and fired multiple missiles at her enemy and then charged with all her might using her sword that quickly met with the Enemy's and that enemy fired at her using her sphere but Origami didn't care about it even she was overwhelmed by the attacks she just continued.

The other two fired at Shidou who aimlessly ran for his life and got Miku to ran away with him luckily there was another one who stopped the attack of the two, it was exactly Tohka holding the [Sandalphon] while wearing the combination of her casual clothes and her astral dress.

"Shi-Shidou run"


"Shidou, just run!"

She said as she charged at the two while bluntly brandishing her sword to cut their attacks, with another adversary was held off by the girls but there was still one who fired at Shidou but who could support him this time?

Multiple spears of light fell down from the sky like rain a continuously assaulted Shidou while he was running with Miku who obviously can't fight but thankfully he hid somewhere with Miku while Tohka and Origami was fighting off the two of them.

Multiple explosions were seen at the area and had created a lot of craters, it was a scene of chaos that you would probably only see in a war but it was only a battle among a few ladies who withheld great power in their hands.


"[Contained Avarice]!"

Norene used the mana containment and absorption device in her unit which can be used to absorb mana of the enemy and use it as the user's own man but it was currently limited since it was obvious that they didn't try to use it against Nanase but for a sealed Spirit like Tohka? It could be possible to get all the remaining mana in her body therefore turning her into a human.

Tohka sent a few beelines of mana to her enemy but it quickly vanished a soon as it hit the enemy's territory, so Norene used that chance to annihilate Tohka with just a few hits or even one hit since her unit was called the 'Annihilation unit' used in wide range damage with no people around she could freely use it.

"Fire all cannons! Kill the [Princess]!"

Tohka still charged at her without even thinking and used her sword to release a few beelines but it was all hapless, Tohka was quickly annihilated as the shots from the cannons hit her body which threw her away and blew everything that surrounded here with absurd power but that was just a fraction of Norene's true power.

Norene kicked the ground which propelled herself to the place where Tohka was and then used her hand to take a grip on her neck and carried her then mercilessly hit her body to the ground multiple times while laughing and using the [Contained Avarice] to absorb the remaining mana inside her body.

"Take that [Princess]! Take that! Hahahaha"

She laughed loudly like a crazy person as she threw Tohka away who was still muttering and calling on the man's name then fired her canons at her leaving her bruised and covered with her own blood, she even tried to use [Sandalphon] but it was useless her angel started to crack and began to be destroyed.

"Shi…Sh…Shidou…I…mu…must protect Shidou!"

She still stood up and then called upon her astral dress for the final battle.

"—Adonai Melek(Heavenly Astral dress Tenth)!"

Now she regained her power to protect Shidou but will it be enough considering that it was only a fraction of Norene's true power?

"Ara how skillful of you young girl but let us see!"

Emilia charged while firing at Origami who swiftly evaded and returned fire using the cannons in her CR-unit as swift as Origami Emilia evaded them then made a distance between her and Origami who relentlessly released fire unto her enemy but she was oblivious to the fact that it was a trap, exactly a trap was prepared by Emilia beforehand which now held Origami in the air, shackles of light restrained Origami.

Emilia didn't waste the chance and attacked Origami but she still fired at her which became useless after Emilia shielded herself using her sword and then stabbed Origami who soon vomited a little blood but she didn't care about it she still used the chance to stab her enemy too but she soon lost consciousness as soon she was electrocuted by her shackles made of energy.

Tohka used all that she can do but her enemy just continuously bombarded her with constant attacks, making her stay at once side but when the bombardment stopped she used the chance to attack but it was futile a beam was quickly fired which she managed to avoid but it was all a faint of Norene who quickly fired at her and totally engulfed her and even broke [Sandalphon] again.

Shidou ran along with Miku who couldn't practically fight and if she could Shidou wouldn't let another person be in danger again so he asked the idol not fight and protect him.

"Darling, I need to fight…I must protect you"

"Miku, I can't let another one of you girls, be in danger because of me again!"

They ran and ran but it was futile Shidou's adversaries are quickly arriving firing at them like they were fugitives.

[Part 2-The great spear of the frenzied king]

Shidou and Miku continuously ran but it was still futile no matter how fast they ran.

Shidou still ran away even if he wanted to protect Tohka and Origami but if he gets back and helps Tohka and Origami's purpose of stalling the enemy will be vain so he just ran while they were still trying to find them but in a few minutes they were just a few meters from them so Shidou being a man resolve himself he didn't want to be protected anymore instead he wanted to protect the girls with his own hand so he looked at Miku with serious eyes and touched her shoulders with his two hands.

"Miku run…I'll regret it if you die because of me, and I promised to protect you so go!"

"But darling…!"

"Just run! I'm sick of being protected by you, girls"


"Miku, I promise I won't die I'll save Tohka, Origami and Nanase who protected me. Right now you couldn't fight"

"But…I also need to protect you!"

"It's my job to protect you…Miku"

Shidou hugged and as soon as that she lightly kissed him in the lips bidding him good bye and good luck in what he will do.

The hero, our protagonist resolved himself and tried summon [Sandalphon] but he quickly felt that Tohka got her powers again but was utterly defeated in battle, even with that reason still he had no choice but to fight, it was a feeling burning inside him, the feeling that he needed to protect his companions after failing to protect them, the feeling of disillusion after that.

Fire quickly engulfed his arms and he quickly saw that he held the angel of his younger sister who always cared for him.


Seeing it, Shidou let out a surprised tone, it was Camael burning brightly in illuminating his surroundings, heating up his feelings with that angel he could practically fend off his adversaries and protect himself and rescue the others. Fire quickly engulfed his a little area of surroundings.

Explosions were quickly seen but the Shidou resolved himself and made an unwavering expression as his surroundings were being utterly destroyed, it was the exact time the he needed to fight them off.

"CamaelBurning Annihilating Demon—Me-Megiddo[Cannon]"

He stuttered a little founding that Camael was lighter than it looks. It quickly turned into a cannon which of course like what happens when Kotori uses it, Shidou's right arm was engulfed by a huge rod from the elbow and now began sucking the fire around him when it was turned into it and he use it to quickly fire at his adversaries.

"Shit the boy used an angel kill him!"

"Use [Contained Avarice]!"

"He has enough mana to overload our CR-units"

"Chii…then kill him already, before he could use them freely!"

They quickly charged at him as they avoid the fire of the cannon and then continuously fired at Shidou who kicked the ground to propel himself and get close and personal with his adversaries and transformed Camael to its usual halberd form.

Camael's blade quickly met with Emilia's sphere and it was destroyed and caused an explosion blowing Emilia away then Shidou kicked Emilia then used it to propel himself to Sylvia who got ready for him but Norene quickly collided with him and he was now falling with her.

"Camael, cleave!"

Fire quickly surrounded him and banished Norene from him but still he was far from beating them all so he focused on Sylvia first who is relentlessly firing at him.

Camael quickly vanished in the thin air as Shidou's breathing became heavy and he began losing consciousness but he needed to protect the girls from them and of course to save Tohka, Origami and Nanase who is somewhere, battered due to what they had done.

"[Raphael]-Ell Kanaph!"

Shidou summoned the Yamai twins' angel, Raphael, which took form of a bow and arrow and quickly pulled the bow it to its limit and then fired it to Sylvia but it was quickly intercepted by Emilia, who just retaliated and Norene who quickly destroyed the lance and with that Shidou felt weak he almost fell but he stood up for he must do it, he must continue his mission.

Multiple spear-like objects glittered in the sky filled with darkness; Shidou protected himself with his arms but miraculously he wasn't hit but he saw drops of blood dropping to the ground and painting the ground red, the blood was coming out of a girl who had beautiful and silky ash blonde hair and emerald green eyes filled with happiness looking at him. She smiled at him as she fell, it was exactly Nanase who protected him.


He quickly caressed her in his arms as he cried due to his failure.

"Hehehehe…I wasn't late right?...Shidou-kun…is still…alive…Don't push yourself that much…"

"But Nanase…"

"I'll protect you. I promised that right? If I die today I would like to say that…"

"Don't say such things! You won't die!"

"I…would…like…to…say…that…I…Love you, I love you…I love you Shidou Itsuka…and I'm ready to die for you. Please always remember me. I love you."

Nanase gave Shidou a simple silver pendant which had a picture of her and her sisters, she kissed him lightly on the cheeks then she quickly stood up and another attack was released but it was stopped by Nanase's defense Uriel was still functioning and with that Nanase was ready to finish this and save all of them. She carried Shidou then threw him away to get him out of danger.

"Time to finish this, young ladies! I summon you, [Chancellor of destruction] Baal!"

She quickly summoned her demon king and her left hand was quickly covered by a black crystal then it quickly shattered revealing a simple black ring that was exactly like Uriel and 20 black spheres floated in her wrist by the time that the demon king was seen Nanase was quickly attacked by agony, agony that grew more intolerable in every minute that passed.

Sylvia attacked her but it was all useless the attack was quickly absorbed and destroyed by black shadows that now surrounded Nanase, which made Shidou shout her name.

"Nanase! Nanase!"

"Goodbye, Shidou-kun run away!"


"Run away, Shidou-kun"

She raised her right hand and it was quickly engulfed by a silver light. Nanase threw Shidou again to his safety, she needed to do it because she might lose her sanity and kill the man that she loves.

"[Uriel] — [Neets-chee Shamar(Immortal shield)]!"

She summoned her shield in her right hand and then raised her left even it was hurting, and she conspicuously felt like it was burning.

"[Baal] — [Neets-chee Mashal(Infinite lance)]!"

A gigantic black lance that had blades of sword manifested in her left hand then she quickly joined the two weapons as they glow brightly at every moment that had past.

"[Great spear of the frenzied king] Romach Melech!"

An insanely gigantic weapon showed up after the 2 weapons were engulfed by light, a 12 meter silver spear with three blades is currently releasing a black miasma like thing and is slowly swallowing Nanase and then turning into crystal that on her skin and her astral dress then cracked when it formed, revealing a more revealing silver white astral dress, that had a certain ominous aura around it. Shidou quickly shivered due to it, and is continually shivering in somewhat fear but rather it should be called disappointment of himself and fear of losing Nanase combined.

It was Nanase's combined weapon, her greatest spear that is a combination of her angel and her demon king. 20 silver white spheres floated behind her and then one of the spheres started to turn black and every second that sphere was slowly getting engulfed by black.

Crystals quickly formed in her left hand and quickly engulfed her wrist then shattered and then happened again but now the area covered by the crystal increased. She spun her spear and hit it in the ground.

"[Warped Empire]!"

The whole surroundings began to lose its color and the skies quickly turned pitch black and only but there was still light that made some things white, in short it was like a scene from a black and white television.

"Now let us dance!"

Hands from the ground quickly prevented Sylvia and her team from moving as the ground that they step on now moved like it was waves of the ocean. The whole surrounding became distorted and took form of a black space without anything and a simple spot light was shined upon people so that they could be seen.



Sylvia tried to attack with her missiles but it quickly distorted and turned into liquid as soon as she released it the same thing happened when Emilia and Norene tried to attack and that was not the end of it their bodies quickly become distorted and they quickly screamed in agony due to it.

The buildings curved and hit them while they tried to run even their bodies were quickly turning into dust but when they completely turn into dust they quickly turned back into their original body.

"Shi…dou…kun…run! Arrrghhh! Run before I lose control of it!"

She looked down and her eyes quickly turned into red blood shot eyes as she started to laugh crazily.

"Hehehahahahahahaha, well what do I expect of you children? I was too naïve…YOU ARE NO OPPONENT FOR ME!"

Her personality quickly switched into a crazy psychotic woman who wants to kill her enemies using her own hands and not by her power of manipulation, one could say that it was rather auspicious.

With that she kicked the ground which propelled her up then she quickly hit them with her gigantic 12 meter, throwing them away unconscious and defeated but Nanase didn't stop with that.

The second orb of the 20 spheres behind her turned black, pitch black which is a sign of a countdown.

"Oh? Is that everything you could do? Then why don't you play with me a while, let me torment you for a little while okay? You girls, sorry you bitches seem to be too haughty so be my dolls for a while okay?"

She smiled savagely as she raised her hands that was quickly covered with black miasma and shone in a bluish white light.

"[Servants of the despotic king, Ravens of the burning god] Harab Serapel!"

Multiple 'portals' showed up all around and quickly arms showed up from the 'portals' but they aren't just arms, they are arms of pitch black armored knights who held multiple weapons, exactly like Ebed melech but the knights were gigantic and their armors seemed to be a bit rusty and their heads had an elongated shape.

"Shit, guys get up!"

Emilia called on her companions but it was vain, they didn't respond to her cries of worry as Nanase slowly walked to them laughing in ecstasy as she easily brandished her gigantic weapon.

"Then if you can't fight anymore be my dolls will you? Dolls which will be destroyed quickly as I can…hehahahaha!"

She increased her speed which made Emilia use her spheres to create a force field but is quickly broken by the spear that pierced into her after breaking her force field rendering her unconscious, with that .Nanase withdrew her spear from Emilia's body, and then spun it to protect her from the rain of fire from Norene and Sylvia who quickly fired at her after regaining their consciousness

"We'll still here fucking bitch!"

"And we're really going to kill you, ms. Jackass!"

It was an unbelievable rain of fire but Nanase kept her unwavering expression of combined ecstasy and annoyance as she jumped backwards creating distance, then the knights attacked them and it seemed that the knights were enough to hold the two, namely Norene and Sylvia in battle.

"Oh, Harab Serapel! Kill everyone around! Do not stop until everything is turned into rubble! Kill those shitty beings!"

Nanase quickly charged at them and the knights paved her way. She then brandished her spear but was stopped by Sylvia's sword and Norene's gun but their weapons were quickly broken by the spear's overwhelmingly strong pressure.

"There you go! Now to kill you and turn you into pieces you fuckin' bitches!"

Nanase's spear swiftly pierced Norene's body then it pierced Sylvia's body after Nanase withdrew her spear from Norene with that the two quickly fell on the ground like puppets that was cut of its strings.

"So that was all you could do, right sluts?"

She slowly walked to Shidou who is going to be attacked by the knights who approach as they ran to him. Shidou quickly used his arms to shield himself as his energy was quickly getting sucked and is currently losing his consciousness.

[Part 3-The battle between the king of slaughter and the great spear.]

"Get away from Shidou!"

A voice quickly woken his consciousness and opened his sleepy eyes, and saw her Tohka quickly kicked one of the knights that attacked Shidou then landed and got beside him, looking all worried for his safety.

"Shidou are you alright?"


"Shidou just stay here I'll protect you…"

Tohka said and raised her hands with that a vortex of violet light broke the grief stricken sky that covered the skies of Tenguu city or perhaps the whole continent now.

"[King of slaughter] Sandalphon — [Halvanhelev(The Last Sword)]"

A throne quickly manifested in front of her and then the brave maiden protecting her loved one quickly drew out her broad sword and sliced her throne in to pieces that quickly turned into light that soon gathered and made her sword insanely gigantic sword that forced the multiple knights away with its insane power.

"Oi oi, haughty bitch don't you want to play with me?! HAHAHAHAHA! DIE AT MY FREAKING BLADE!"

Nanase brandished her spear that quickly met with Tohka's Halavanhelev but Tohka quickly withdrew and carried Shidou away while Nanase chased them as she destroyed the surroundings, creating multiple creaters with the attacks. Tohka quickly found a place where she should leave Shidou as she fights Nanase, it was behind all the rubble that was created by the battle.

"Shidou stay here…"


Tohka quickly left and jumped up and brandished her sword which made beelines of violet energy that almost reached Nanase but Nanase just sneered at it as she laughed Snikering Tohka's attack.

"Is that all this whore of that boy could do? Take this [Romach Melech]!"

With that she carried her spear with one hand and then it quickly burst bluish light that seems to be energy with that present Nanase threw it as most of her body was engulfed by the crystal which then cracked, she fully transformed, her astral dress was completely different from before and black miasma covered her surroundings.

The spear was launched and destroyed Tohka's beelines and then hit her gigantic sword which quickly broke in contact and turned into pieces, an explosion burst out throwing Tohka away but Nanase didn't stop with that she quickly jumped and got her spear then threw it again to Tohka, who was now completely defenseless having her angel destroyed with ease.

"Take this haughty whore! HEHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Tohka was quickly hit by the spear and landed hard on the ground that caused a sudden explosion, but that wasn't the end of it the spear quickly got back to Nanase who floated at the sky smiling happily due to what she did and seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Now let us end this…"

Tohka quickly floated in the sky and was hit rapidly in multiple spots around with overwhelming speed that eroded her consciousness. Tohka was like a puppet who's strings is being pulled therefore making it randomly hit places but in an atrocious speed.

"Tohka! St-Stop it Nanase!"

Shidou shouted as he tried to stand up with all his strength left but his legs trembled, it was basically the after effect of using two angels, Namely Camael and Raphael. It was a loud shout but Nanase didn't care she just smiled in savagery.

Tohka floated in the sky, unconscious of what was happening and was quickly covered in a ominous black miasma, she wailed in anguish as she was engulfed in that miasma that was slowly but surely killing.


"Oohhh, what reaction, is that your way of saying to make it worse?"

Nanase clenched her hand that was free and commanded the miasma to cover Tohka completely and made her whole body pitch black and then Tohka quickly fell to the ground neither without wailing nor crying aloud.

"That finishes it, now for that little shit! HEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Nanase quickly swoop down but she was quickly stopped by a beam that hit her when she was just a few meters from the unconscious Shidou.

Part 4

Inside [Surtr] there is a certain place where they held their captives and any other people,

"Wh-why did you save us?!"

Kotori's face was on the monitor and she's currently behind bars beside the restricted and unconscious Kannazuki and the other crew member who sat on benches while their commander was complaining and is current shouting wildly.

"Why? Haaa…Widman did help me a lot when we we're together…bu-but don't th-think of it like a yaoi story!"

"chi…Then why did you treat us like prisoners?! Are you a fool?!"

"I am a fool…but on regards to that I wanted to keep you there to prevent you from doing annoying things…Nanase is currently in berserk and is currently fighting the [Princess]"


It was correct, Kotori and her crew were saved by the professor from their burning ship which fell and rendered the tall buildings of Tenguu city rubble. Instantly they were transported to the ship, [Surtr] specifically behind bars of light.

"Wh-why is Tohka fighting?!"

"Shut up…crew fire the [Freyr's doom] and uppress the [Mistress] she's almost hitting the boy…we need him to seal her."


[Surtr] quickly sucked all of the mana around it and then 4 blade-like objects showed up on the side of the ship, outside it looked like a black ship that has the shape of an 'X'. Energy quickly surrounded the ship and it sucked the black miasma and the black sky then fired a silver beam at Nanase who almost approached the young man who was currently unconscious.

"oji-san shall I come there and fight her?"

A voice resonated in the whole bridge of the ship, and behind the professor was a woman about 17 years of age, having the same ash blonde eyes like Nanase but her eyes were deep maroon in color and filled with somewhat seriousness easily noticed.

"Oh, Belcroft…hmm you are the only one who could, but [Legacy] isn't finished yet…it's still about 46.7% complete yet it can be used now."

"I know but I can't let you fight oji-san, your [Revelation] is still 10% complete…at least I could use my CR-unit."

"Haaa…you seem to be right Belcroft, but the only thing you could do right now is to restrain her…"

"I know that oji-san. We still have hope since its just 12 spheres there are still 8 left…we still have hope…she still wants to kill her opponents with her own hands with that it would be easy but if we reach 19 she would start finishing us off with her full manipulation…the [Warped Empire] is continuously expanding and has currently engulf 43.1% of Earth as now…"

"Chi…DEM might take action"

"We can take care of that oji-san…just continue firing the [Freyr's doom] to the [Mistress] and I shall take care of the boy…and if his job is finish I'll kill him to finish this all"

"Haaa…you really are great Belcroft…you exactly know what's on my mind…now scram and do your missions"


Belcroft made a military salute as she left while smirking in somewhat excitement.

Chapter 7: Another kiss saved the world from its unworthy doom