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Borealis Norsoutha

Borealis Mir Norsoutha

Borealis M. Norsoutha



Noasōtā Borearisu
Borearisu Miru Nōsūna-Tomoshima


Atlas One-Actual




October 14


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Male Male




168 cms


58 kgs

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark-blue with white and light-blue streaks

Blood Type


Unusual Features

Soft, feminine appearance

Professional Status


Previous Affiliation

United States Marine Corps


Ratatoskr assault team commander

Previous Occupation

US Marine (0500 Basic MAGTF Marine)


Ratatoskr Joint Task Force Atlas-1

Previous Team

Aurora 1-1

Base of Operations

Fraxinus (20XX-????)

Personal Status


Marital Status




"Who or what am I is not going to be revealed or is important. What's important is that I keep my past to myself, and that you'll never learn about me, my life, or others.

—Borealis Norsoutha when asked about his life

Captain Borealis Norsoutha, known by his callsign Atlas 1-Actual, is a former US marine and a member of Ratatoskr. He was the commander of a Ratatoskr-aligned Joint Task Force codenamed "Atlas-1". Unlike all of Atlas-1, Borealis Norsoutha's life remains unknown.


Not much was known about Borealis Norsoutha or his life, but he was said to have born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at October 14. He mentioned he was the descendant of the medieval English knight Salta Norsoutha and the Tomoshima samurai Hokugawa during the Medieval Ages. Due to his experience in command-and-control, including actual combat, he seems to have been from the US Marine Corps before retiring due to unknown reasons, ranging from injuries during combat to some accidents. It wasn't until that Ratatoskr brought him into their spotlight, resulting in him becoming a commander of JTF Atlas-1.


Being a 23-year-old Japanese-American, he has dark-blue hair (with white and light-blue streaks) that was long and has aurora-bluish eyes. Unusually, he seems to have a soft, feminine appearance that made people mistook him for a woman, one that he doesn't appreciate. While in combat, he wore a military uniform based on the United States Marine Corps combat utility uniform and gears, albeit retrofitted with new equipment and sporting a different camouflage. When not in combat, he only wears the MCCUU, gloves, and boots. Also, when he's in public, he wore a white-collar shirt with a black tie, black shoes, and black pants. While at his apartment, he only wears a sleevless shirt, shorts, and sandals.

Oh my GOD! The airstrikes MADE ME EXCITED!

—Borealis, when it comes to airstrikes. And Ace Combat.

While his personality is unknown, he only keeps a calm face, even in battle. He still refuses to tell everyone his life, nor does he give it to people close to him or in private. However, he does show rare, but rather odd and unusual, instances of his personality. He mentions that airstrikes made him go hyper, and he also mentions that he gets creeped our by those that really disturbed him alot.

AARGH! Those jumpscares in this YouTube vids are giving me the shock!

—Borealis Norsoutha when watching YT videos of players playin on horror maps.

He also act as a prankster, as he placed a cushion whoopie on his hand just to troll or prank anyone. One instance, however, has him taking on an enemy seriously. He also happens to be a gamer, seen when he's off-duty. He tend to panic whenever the newsreporters say that a typhoon or earthquake is coming, when he sees rats or bugs (either cockroaches or whatever it is), or if he's at the highest floor. He also screams when he watch players on horror maps in YouTube.

I follow the code of knighthood and the way of the bushido. It's no surprise that I am the descendant of the medieval English knight Salta and the Tomoshima samurai Hokugawa of Japan.

—Borealis Norsoutha, during an interview regarding his life and ancestry.

Borealis followed the code of knighthood and the way of the bushido, rooted from his two ancestors: the knight Salta Norsoutha of England and the Tomoshima samurai Hokugawa, both from the Medieval Ages.


  • Borealis Norsoutha was currently the primary character (alongside several others) and personal OC of Scarlet, one that Borealis really hates.
    • He was also used as a leader of different military formations or was the leader of the Novayan RDPR in the Scarletverse's different universes.
    • He also made an appearance in The OSS in Another WorldPlt. Pao Ayo's fanfic, as a commander of a tank battalion.
  • The cushion whoopie on hand is a reference to Sans using the same trick in Undertale.
  • His theme song is Viva La Vida. That song was also his creator' favorite.
  • His feminine appearance was inspired from Kirito's GGO avatar and, more or less, based on/resemble Saika Totsuka and Kirito's GGO avatar.
  • Currently, a reference sheet for Borealis Norsoutha was currently in the making, but it will take a day or few to be posted.
  • The way Borealis was the descendant of the English knight Salta Norsoutha and the Tomoshima samurai Hokugawa is similar to Dimitri Heinreich, who was a descendant of a medieval Belkan knight.