Date A Live: First Date(s)

Chapter I - Welcome To Ratatoskr
Chapter I Part I

Being awoken by his alarm, Minuru got out of bed and got ready for school. As soon as he got to school a spacial quake alarm went off. Everyone knew the drill by now so they all got in line ready to go underground. This spacial quake ended up landing much faster than usual, killing many people and injuring most of the people in Minuru's class before they could get to safety.
Minuru looked up and saw people in mecha suits shooting at the Spirit, the Spirit had a shield about four times the size of herself of which she was using to protect herself from all the attacks and then to hit the people trying to take her down. She had pink hair that almost covered her right eye which were red and she wore all silver. While she was extremely strong, she looked as if she didn't want to fight. A large explosive was thrown at the Spirit and the explosion flamed up the whole area.
Minuru woke up lying down in a bed, he looked down at himself but he wasn't burnt. It seemed like there was no fire at all, though he knew it couldn't have been a dream for he wasn't in his bed. He turned around to see a nurse sitting down next to him. "I'm glad you're okay, we expected you to be in pain. You're entire body was burnt in the fire, even though I'm great at healing and saving people, you're lucky to be alive," she said. She then showed Minuru a picture of himself after the fire, and he looked like a piece of toast. He was amazed that he recovered so well. He asked which hospital he was in to which he got the response, "this isn't a hospital, this is Ratatoskr."

Chapter I Part II

"Ratatoskr?" asked Minuru. "What is this place?" The nurse requested that he sees their president about that. He got up and walked through the door where he saw many people, and up a flight of stairs was a seat where someone by the name of Wakana sat. She introduced herself and then explained what Ratatoskr is. "Whenever Spirits come to our world, they cause a phenomena called a spacial quake, the Anti-Spirit Team, or AST for short try to deal with the Spirits by killing them, but we at Ratatoskr have a different way of dealing with them. We plan to make them fall in love to seal their powers away. That's where you come in, Minuru. The last person who has succeeded in making Spirits fall in love was Shido Itsuka, though the reasons so many Spirits can't be tamed anymore is because he passed away twenty years ago. We're hoping you can take his role. Take the Spirits on a date and make them fall in love with you and this world. Is that too much to ask for?"
"No," Minuru replied.
"Well then, I suggest you start your training," said Wakana and then threw him over a game case. Minuru looked at the cover, it was a dating sim. He was told to play the game and then he was sent home with it. He put the game into his computer's disc tray and spent the rest of the day playing it. Three days after this Minuru visited some of his classmates at the hospital. After seeing most of them a spacial quake alarm went off. Before the hospital went underground Minuru ran out, ignoring everyone telling him to stay in.
Before the spacial quake Minuru was teleported up to Ratatoskr's airship. After the crater was made he was given an earpiece for advice and was teleported back down to try and make the Spirit fall in love with him. He saw the her attacking the AST with her shield which worked as a weapon. After defeating the AST she turned around and attempted to throw her shield at Minuru, who swiftly dodged it. "I won't let you kill me," she said, Minuru said back,
"I'm not going to kill you! Please hear me out."
"What do you want?" asked the Spirit.
"I want to go on a date with you."
"Don't just say it out of the blue like that idiot!" Wakana shouted.
"Sorry," Minuru said. "I want to get to know you!" The Spirit came up to him and asked why and Minuru couldn't think up of what to say.
"This should help!" said Wakana and then displayed three options of what to say, similar to the style of the dating sim he played for practice. The options were:
A. I want to know who and what you are.
B. I'm curious.
C. You're beautiful, you can't blame me for wanting to get to know you.
The people at Ratatoskr's airship all put in votes to help him out and A got chosen by three quarters of them. "Choose A. Minuru," said Wakana, and so that's what Minuru did.
"You want to know about me so it'll be easier for you to kill me? Or do you plan on making me feel safe around you so you can sneak up on me someday and kill me?"
"Neither," Minuru replied, "I simply want to know about you." The Spirit sat down and allowed for the two of them to have a chat of which towards the end, she was enjoying very much.
"Minuru, her mood meter is above 70% full," said Wakana and then Minuru asked what to do. "Well, what Shido did to seal their powers was kiss them."
"Kiss them already?!" Minuru shouted and then immediately covered his mouth. "I can't kiss her yet, I've known her for an hour," he whispered. "And besides, wasn't I supposed to take her on a date first?"
"Yes that's true, go on a date with her to assure she'll be happy enough to have you seal her powers."
"Is something wrong?" asked the Spirit to which Minuru replied by saying nope. He then asked whether she would like to go on a date with him but the Spirit had no idea what a date was. Before being able to explain the AST rose up and attempted to shoot the Spirit. She grabbed her shield and got ready to fight, "meet me over by that park tomorrow at the same time as now and I'll tell you- no I'll show you what a date is!" shouted Minuru. The Spirit nodded her head and then continued battling the AST. Minuru then ran off and got teleported to the airship.

Chapter I Part III

"Great job Minuru!" yelled everyone in the airship.
"For your first time talking to a Spirit, you did great! You managed to have her mood meter rise from 10% all the way to 73%!" Wakana told Miniru. Minuru then asked if he could be teleported back home and his request was granted.
Before opening his door he was interrupted by his childhood friend, Akemi.
"Why were you above ground during the spacial quake today?" she asked with fear in her eyes.
"Yeah I'm fine, don't worry about it." he told her.
"I was worried I wouldn't be able to ask you…" she quietly said in a shy tone.
"Ask me what?" asked Minuru.
"This may sound strange because we've just been friends out entire life but, I've recently had feelings for you and I'd like for us to be more than just friends!" she said blushing. Minuru didn't know what to say so he simply said nothing. Akemi told him to meet her by the lake at the end of their town tomorrow morning if it was alright with him, she then ran off. Minuru had no idea what to do, he was to date his childhood friend tomorrow morning and a Spirit tomorrow afternoon. He walked inside his house, opened the door to his room and went straight to bed, going to sleep to get everything off his mind.
He was awoken by the sound of something hitting his window. He checked his clock and it was 3:50am, he opened his blinds and saw rocks hitting his window. He looked down and saw Akemi so he went downstairs and decided to go outside and see what she wanted. As soon as he came outside and closed the door she grabbed him by the arm and started running. Being dragged along Minuru asked where they were going to which she replied, "the school has been rebuilt and there is something there I want to show you!"
They got to the school and Akemi told Minuru to follow her as she climbed up a ladder and got on the school's roof. Minuru got up to and he asked were why they were there so early. Akemi pointed in front of her and Minuru turned around to see what she was looking at. He could see the sun rising, and the sun's reflection glimmering on the lake they originally planned to go to.
"This is amazing," he said. He pointed out how during sunset the clouds looked like sand in the sky. Akemi agreed and then thanked him for getting up so early for her. "No problem," said Minuru. "Truth is, I should be thanking you." After this the spacial quake alarm was set off. Akemi told Minuru to hurry up and get inside the school before it goes underground but he said he'd be there soon. She yelled at him for putting his and her life in danger for not going into the school but he told her to go on without him. She still refused though. Minuru contacted the people at Ratatoskr's airship and they woke up. He said he needed to be teleported in exactly five seconds. He told Akemi to go inside the school and then jumped off the roof. A second before hitting the ground he was teleported to Ratatoskr's airship.
Akemi didn't see him teleport and while that is what Minuru wanted he realised it was a terrible idea. Akemi was crying from fear that Minuru was dead and while looking for him, the school went underground, before she had a chance to get in. She saw the spacial quake hit the earth and cause a huge explosion. She looked at the sunset, figuring it would be her last good memory.

Chapter I Part IV

Looking down at the school from the airship Minuru asked what they could do to save Akemi. He was told nothing could be done so he dropped to his ground and cried, "I'm sorry!" Before the spacial quake hit Akemi an AST member grabbed her and took her away from it. Akemi had fainted by now and could not say thanks, so the AST member put her on the ground and left.
Minuru was tearing up too much to see what happened. "Why did a spacial quake have to happen today?" he screamed. "Why did it have to be this way?"
"What are you tearing up about?" Wakana asked.
"Akemi has been my friend since I can remember and I just saw her die!"
Wakana threw him a tissue and said,
"Wipe your eyes and look again, she's fine." Minuru was now jumping for joy and teared up again, this time, because of happiness, not sadness. "Well, now that that's over, you have to deal with this new Spirit," Wakana told Minuru. Minuru looked down to see a Spirit with red hair with a matching outfit and matching eyes. The AST approached her and then she grew 25 meters tall. She grabbed a couple of AST members and crushed them in the palm of her hand. She stepped on another AST member and she ate the last three AST members she saw. She then reverted back to her normal size.
"Well, they tasted nice," she said. "But I'm still hungry for more." She then turned around and saw Akemi. Minuru got teleported to where the new Spirit was and told her to wait. "Why are you interrupting me, human?" she asked. She then turned into her giant form and grabbed Minuru.
"Don't eat her!" yelled Minuru. The Spirit asked why she shouldn't so Minuru lied and said she's a vegan so she won't taste that great. The Spirit thanked Minuru for telling her and after putting Akemi down she said she'd just eat him instead. She grabbed him threw him into her mouth and he avoided being bitten by her teeth. He slipped down her throat and couldn't get back out. He saw the dead bodies of many people, including the AST members and his parents. He had flashbacks of him going home from school and being told by his uncle and aunty that his parents both died in a car crash. Now that he's found out the truth he has gotten furious at this Spirit.
"Saving this Spirit is the last thing I want to do," he said. He used the laser blade from one of the AST members' Combat Wiring Suit and then cut himself out of the Spirits stomach. She then screamed in agony and decided to shrink back to normal size, crushing everything and everyone inside of her.
"We have to get you out of there!" said Wakana. Minuru was then teleported outside of the Spirit and into the airship. They then sent him back to ground level. The Spirit was lying on the floor.
"I feel sick," she said. "what did you do?" Minuru was furious at what she had done but he remembered what he had to do.
"Umm… …you seem really nice. Do you want to meet somewhere?" said Minuru.
"If you plan to kill me, note that at anytime I want I can just grow and kill you," she said back.
"I don't plan to kill you, to make up for hurting your stomach, I plan to go on a date with you," he told her.
"On a date with the girl who tried to eat you a minute ago? You're insane, but okay," said the Spirit. "Meet me by that park over there at about 4:30 tomorrow afternoon." Minuru nodded, said see you then and then went to walk home. He saw Akemi unconscious so he picked her up and decided to take her home. He put her on his couch and then went upstairs to his room.
"Great job Minuru, our help wasn't even required!" said Wakana.
"I doubt I'll be able to do that again," said Minuru. "Anyway, I didn't get much sleep last night so I'm going back to bed, goodnight."

Chapter II - A Message From Shido
Chapter II Part I

Being awoken by Akemi, Minuru got out of bed and got ready for school. Akemi asked him where he went and how did she survive and Minuru just said he didn't know, to keep things from getting complicated.
"Surely you know something," said Akemi.
"Well," said Minuru. "I did see someone from the AST save you."
"But what happened to you? Where did you go?" asked Akemi. Minuru replied,
"umm… …the person who saved you also saved me." Akemi mentioned she how grateful she is now because of that. "Yeah, it was really nice of them to save us," said Minuru. Akemi said she'll see him at school and then ran to her house to get ready. Minuru went to school and had a day like no other, during history class he ended up falling asleep.
"Kill her! Avenge us by killing the Spirit who ate us!"
"I can't ma, I'm in Ratatoskr, we deal with Spirits without violence."
"Kill her! Avenge us!"
"Pa, you don't understand!"
"Minuru, Minuru, Minuru… …WAKE UP!" Minuru woke up in shock. "You fell asleep during class again," said Mr. Matsuoka.
"Sorry," said Minuru, while trembling in fear.
"Something wrong?" asked Mr. Matsuoka.
"No, nothing," replied Minuru and then class resumed.
"So here it is shown that Ancient Egyptians looked up to Pharaohs like they looked up to gods." Minuru was about to close his eyes and go back to sleep but he slapped himself in the face to wake himself up. By the end of his day at school, he wanted to go back home to sleep but then he remembered he had a date with a Spirit.
He met by the park they planned to meet and waited there. The Spirit came to meet him. She put her shield down and sat next to Minuru,
"so," said the Spirit. "We never introduced ourselves did we?"
"No we didn't, I'm Minuru, you are?"
"I'm Yuuki."
"Nice name," complimented Minuru.
"Thanks," Yuuki replied. "So, Minuru, what is a date exactly?"
"Well, I'll show you," Minuru said. He then saw the other Spirit walking towards the park they were at. 'Crap, I completely forgot,' thought Minuru. He then ran away, passing a road and almost being hit by a car in the progress, he then fell over and had his right hand land in some shattered glass causing him to bleed. After getting up he ended up being hit in the head with a soccer ball and then falling back on the ground.
"I don't see how that could be a date but what the heck?" said Yuuki. She ran across the road almost being hit by a car and then fell over having her hand land in the shattered glass. She got up and the kids playing soccer were more careful this time round. "Could you get that ball to hit me in the face please?" asked Yuuki.
"If that's what you want!" said one of the kids and then kicked the ball towards Yuuki's face. Yuuki fell on Minuru and asked whether they had a good date.
"That isn't a date," said Minuru.
"You said you were going to show me what one was!" said Yuuki, in a grumpy tone.
"I will, just not right now," he said,
"Okay fine," said Yuuki. Minuru then saw the other Spirit looking for him.
"I've got to go to the bathroom, I'm not feeling so well," said Minuru and then ran off and went to see the other Spirit. He suggested the two of them go somewhere else for their date and the Spirit asked, "where too?"
"I'm gonna need your help everyone at Ratatoskr," he whispered. Three options were displayed in front of him.
A. To a restaurant.
B. To a swimming pool.
C. To my place.
Everyone voted on A.
"Choose A. Minuru," said Wakana.
"A restaurant if you want," said Minuru.
"What's at a restaurant?" asked the Spirit.
"Well, it's a place we can get a nice meal to eat," he answered. They went to the closest restaurant and after telling the waiter what they wanted he asked whether they'd like to enter a raffle. They were both asked to sign their names, the Spirit wrote down her name, Hanae and Minuru wrote down his name. "Hanae, nice name," said Minuru. Hanae laughed and Minuru asked why.
"I find it funny that we are going on a date yet we don't even know each other's names," she said. Minuru laughed and agreed. They were both given their meals yet while Minuru enjoyed his, Hanae hated hers. She told him that she has never found a food she enjoyed but people.
'That explains why humans are all she eats,' Minuru thought. "Sorry, I had no idea you hated other foods so much," Minuru apologised.
"Forgetting about someone?" Wakana asked. Minuru checked his watch and he has been away from Yuuki for almost an hour. He said he had a stomachache then said bye and then ran out of the restaurant. He met up with Yuuki who was upset that she'd been left alone.
"Are you okay?" asked Minuru.
"I guess, but I just really want to know what a date is!" she told him.
"Well now I can show you," he said. They both smiled at each other.
"Well then," said Yuuki, "let's start our date!"

Chapter II Part II

"Name anyplace you want to go, and I'll take you there," said Minuru.
"I don't really know any places around here," said Yuuki.
"Well how about we just go for a walk and make our minds up when we pass a place that looks appealing," suggested Minuru. They went for a walk but out of nowhere it started to hail. They ran to the nearest shop which was McNoggles. He asked Yuuki if she'd like anything and she pointed towards the slushy maker. He bought a slushy for her and a Large Mac for the two of them. After drinking the slushy Yuuki got brain freeze.
"Are you sure you're not trying to kill me?" she yelled.
"I'm not," laughed Minuru. "Try your burger, it may make your head feel better."
"This isn't poisonous is it?" Yuuki asked. Minuru shook his head and so Yuuki ate her Large Mac.
"Delicious!" cheered Yuuki after taking a bite, she then put the entire burger in her mouth and ate it in an instant. "Could I have anymore?" she asked. Minuru said yes and bought her another one. She ate that one straight away too. She had an extremely large smile on her face and Minuru gave her his burger and her smile grew even larger. The hail stopped so Minuru took Yuuki outside and they continued their walk. Yuuki pointed towards a theme park and asked whether they could go there.
"Well I don't think that's a good idea," Minuru told her. "Don't you feel full after them Large Macs?"
"Feel full? Is that something that only humans can do?" she asked.
"Well we feel full after eating too much," Minuru explained. "But if you don't feel full than we can go to that theme park!" he told her.
"Then let's go!" she said with glee.
After spending their time there until it closed, Yuuki's mood meter was over 90%.
"Minuru, this is a great time to kiss her," said Wakana.
"Sure thing," Minuru said and then asked Yuuki if he could kiss her. Yuuki questioned what's a kiss and after he told her they kissed. After doing so, Yuuki lost her outfit.
"Why is this happening?" she asked.
"I'm not sure," Minuru said while covering his nose. "I'll go get you some new clothes." A member at Ratatoskr threw a pair of clothes down from the airship. "Oh, what do you know!" said Minuru once he saw the clothes drop from the sky. Minuru turned around and closed his eyes and Yuuki got dressed. When Yuuki told him to open his eyes he did. "That looks really good on you!" he told her. He told her they should go on another date sometime soon, said goodbye and then went to walk home. While in his kitchen making something to eat he heard the spacial quake alarm. He was teleported to Ratatoskr's airship. They looked down and saw the spacial quake explode. It was the largest spacial quake to ever appear yet thankfully not a single person died. This Spirit had long and wavy blue hair with light blue eyes and a reflecting, blue and black dress. The AST attempted to kill her but she was able to control water and she did that to destroy the AST members' Combat Wiring Suits. She then had a large amount of water drop on them all. She was laughing at them hysterically and then Minuru shouted, "hey! Could we talk for a second?" The Spirit surrounded Minuru in water making it impossible for him to escape and then came down to meet him.
"Sure," she said. "About what?"
"I don't know, just wondering if you'd like to hang out somewhere?" said Minuru. "I see you like water, should we go to a beach or something?"
"I've never had the chance to have fun with anyone in my life so okay!" she replied. "I might need to go get myself a swimsuit first though," she said.
"That's fine," Minuru told her. "I need to as well."
They went to the closest clothes store of where they ended up buying some swimmers. The beach was only a couple of minutes away from the store they were at so they decided they'd get changed and then walk there.
"I'm Kasumi, I never got to know your name."
"Kasumi really matches you! Oh and my name is Minuru."
"Cool, well Minuru, could you come in here and help me? I haven't really done this before."
"Into the same changing room as you?" Minuru asked.
"If you don't mind," she answered.
"Okay," said Minuru. He walked in and after seeing her, he tried not to get a nosebleed. He then saw that Kasumi hadn't gotten her bikini strap tied in a bow, she asked for help and so Minuru helped her with it. After doing so they left the shop and went to the beach. On the way there a pregnant lady fall on her stomach and start crying from the pain, Kasumi just pointed and laughed. "Why are you laughing?" asked Minuru.
"Sorry," said Kasumi, "but I just love watching people fail. It's why I toy around so much with the people who try to kill me." Minuru changed the conversation by bringing up that they were close to the beach. They both ran to the beach and after having their feet burn in the hot sand they jumped into the water. They saw a wave crash a child's head into a large rock and once again, Kasumi laughed.
"You're trying to make this Spirit happy, Minuru," said Wakana. "Go along with it and laugh with her." Minuru pretended to laugh and then a man yelled to Minuru and Kasumi,
"what's wrong with you two?" The man picked up his son and realised the back of his head was bleeding heaps. He shouted to his wife to call a hospital.
"I hate people who judge others," said Kasumi. She then made a large amount of water crash against the father's back, causing him to fall into the rock, making him bleed and his son bleed even more.
"Everyone, the waves seem too rough for any of you to stay in the water, get out ASAP!" the lifeguard told everyone at the beach.
"Well, Kasumi, I guess we have to get out," Minuru said.
"I also hate people who tell others what to do," Kasumi said, she then had water go inside the lifeguard's throat to choke him.
"Don't loose your temper!" Minuru told Kasumi.
"Oh I'm just letting off some steam," she said.
"Let's find another way to do that!" Minuru demanded.
"Why? Are their lives more important than my happiness?" Kasumi asked him.
"No, but there are other ways to solve things," Minuru explained.
"Okay then, what else is there to do?" she asked.
"Well," started Minuru. "We could- oh wait he's dead."
Kasumi looked up at the lifeguard who now had suffocated and died.
"Oh fantastic!" said Kasumi.
"Well we didn't get to swim very much because of interruptions so if you want, let's go swim now," she suggested. Minuru said sure and then was challenged by Kasumi to see who could swim the furthest. He accepted the challenge and so they started swimming. Minuru saw the father and the son from earlier and seeing as Kasumi was facing the other way, Minuru took them to shore. He then saw an ambulance drive to pick them up so he was satisfied and then went to swim after Kasumi who was now on a small island waiting for Minuru. When he got there he was asked what took him so long and he told her he wasn't a great swimmer. Kasumi rested against Minuru and thanked him for the date, telling him it was fun. He said no problem and so Kasumi asked, "would it be a problem if we go on another date next time we see each other?" He shook his head and told her he'd be glad too. "Until then," he said and then kissed her. After their kiss they swum to shore, said their goodbyes, got dressed and went home.
"Wait a second, I don't have a home to go to," Kasumi told Minuru. A member of Ratatoskr came down saying that their is a house available in Minuru's neighbourhood. Kasumi cheered and then told Minuru that they'd be able to have their next date sometime real soon.
"Two Spirits you've tamed already, and you hardly needed out help! Good job," said Wakana.
"Thanks," Minuru said.
"I wonder when my next date will be," he thought aloud.
"We could always have one now if you wanted," Akemi said to him.
"Aaaah!" Minuru screamed. "I didn't see you there."
"Don't worry, I think about you a lot too," Akemi told him. "So, did you want to go on a date now?" she questioned.
"Well I'm not doing anything else so sure thing!" he answered.

Chapter II Part III

"Where would you like to go?" Akemi asked.
"I don't mind, how about you?" Minuru replied.
"There is a movie on that I heard is really good, it's called Crowman, I'm not sure what genre it is but I heard it's the best movie of the year, do you want to go see it?" she asked.
"Okay!" Minuru replied and they then went to the theatres and saw the movie.
"That was great!" Akemi said. "I can see why it got such good ratings." They went to Minuru's house where they ended up having dinner and then sitting on the couch to watch TV.
"Minuru," started Akemi. "I know it may be strange the way I've been recently but I was wondering whether you'd be okay with being more than friends?" Minuru was silent. He didn't know what to say.
"Well well well," said Wakana. "If you say yes to her she'll be happy but if she finds out you're dating spirits she'll be sadder than ever, but if you say no she'll probably be depressed."
"I don't know," said Minuru.
"If you don't want to we don't have to," said Akemi in a sad tone.
"Actually I'd love that!" said Minuru.
"Really?" asked Akemi.
"Yeah, I wouldn't lie to my girlfriend," said Minuru.
"Yay!" cheered Akemi and gave him a hug.
"You're going to need to be extra careful when dating Spirits," Wakana told Minuru.
Minuru looked at the time and said that it's late and they should get to bed.
"I'll go get mattress for you, I only have a single bed," he told Akemi.
"No it's fine," she said. Next thing that happened was both Minuru and Akemi were lying in the same bed with their bodies making contact,
Akemi fell asleep straight away.
'I might just sleep on the floor,' thought Minuru and just as he was about to get out of bed Akemi turned around and hugged him tightly. He tried to get out of her hold but she'd just hug him tighter. He decided to slide down to get himself out of her arms but he end up having the back of his head touching her soft breasts. He stayed still for a while so she wouldn't awake and he realised that the way he was now was actually extremely comfortable. He was about to fall asleep but he thought that may not be a good idea and he should still try to get on the floor. He tried being as gentle as possible when escaping to prevent waking her up and eventually he succeeded. He almost spent a full hour trying to get to sleep but he couldn't. He decided to try to sleep on the couch but while walking down the stairs he was teleported to the airship.
"Good thing you're still awake. There is a video we just found in our computer's files that are pretty interesting," said Wakana and then played the video. Someone with blue hair appeared on the screen.

Chapter II Part IV

"Hey there," said the man on screen. "I figured that one day I will die and will no longer be able to save Spirits so I decided to make this video to help whoever will take my place. I'm assuming that this person will be at Ratatoskr and if their new president is as good as my little sister than you will already know the basics but I'll tell you some other stuff. If you succeed in sealing the Spirits power with a kiss then you may take on their Angel summoning ability. In case you don't know an Angel is the weapon that the Spirits use, they all have one I think, they can come from destructive swords to giant beasts. All Spirits have an Astral Dress, it makes them more powerful. Also, if I haven't tamed Kurumi by the time you're watching this than beware, her powers are insane, if you see any one with a left eye that looks like a clock, that's her. Spirits that you do tame can still bring back their powers if in a bad mood or if they really need too, so try to keep them happy at all times. There's someone by the codename of Phantom out there who turned my sister into a Spirit a while back, we know hardly anything else about her though, but she can make herself look like anyone else and we think she can tamper with memories. You may know about the mood meters that Spirits have, well, don't let them go to negative numbers or they will become evil and get a boost in power. One last thing, if you can get a dating sim that is made or edited for you, they are heaps helpful." He was then interrupted by a girl with purple hair,
"Shido! When are we going to the new restaurant?" she asked.
"I'll be there soon Tohka!" Shido told her. The video then ended.
"So Spirits use their Angels to attack, and they have an Inverse form," said Minuru.
"Yes," replied Wakana. "Also, we're working on a dating sim for you now, it will probably help you even more than the last one."
"Thanks!" said Minuru.
"We'll tell you when they're done," said Wakana sand then Minuru was teleported back home.
"Minuru, where are you?" said Akemi while walking down the stairs.
'Perfect timing,' Minuru thought. "I was hungry so I'm just getting something to eat, you want to eat too?" he told her.
"Yes please," said Akemi. After eating Minuru said to Akemi that he was gonna sleep on the couch but she could sleep in his bed if she wanted. She said, "okay, goodnight," gave him a kiss and then went to bed. Minuru got on the couch and this time he succeeded in going to sleep.

Chapter II will have a new Spirit, a sleep with Akemi and a message from Shido! Read it here -->