The Far-Eastern War (極東戦争, Kyokutō sensō) was a large-scale conflict fought by the United Coalition Forces and Ratatoskr against the Order of the Great Genesis in Eastern Asia and the Western Pacific.

Though the war was seen as another crisis, the roots of it goes much deeper, as the latter was involved in a situation with a project regarding a certain girl. Also in the information was the creation of a superweapon that would threaten the world.


In 2019, reports emerged regarding a raid at a facility in the Russian Artic Circle region. Recon shots showed that large a firefight between an alliance of Russian Spetsnaz and American Delta Teams, supported by Ratatoskr agents, against an unknown faction using Realizers and large mechs took place. In the middile of the fight, an unknown entity, described by intelligence as a young girl, escaped from the facility on her own. After the raid, pieces of classified intelligence were recovered.

Some time after, in 2020, large-scale build-up of troops, armored units, support vehicles and aircraft was sighted in the Artic north of Russia. Fearing that war would break out at any moment, the Pacifc and Atlantic regions were placed on high alert. Meanwhile, Ratatoskr and a number of intelligence agencies decided to check on the unknown faction that was fought almost a year earlier.