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Okay, i will date with you... wait, what is date?

—Ikkyuu, when he asked to date by Aika

Ikkyuu Mamiya is one of male character in Date A Live: Heavenly Seven. He also first male spirit saved by Aika.

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Appearance Edit

  • Ikkyuu in his Spirit form
  • Ikkyuu in his Inverse form
In his Spirit form Ikkyuu is a tall man with silver-grey hair. His body was encased in radiant Silver woven plate armor. He carries his Angel, Adam on his back. His exposing skin was dyed brown.

In his human form his appearance turned to more younger and his skin turned from dyed brown to caucasian white.

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Spirit Form Edit

Angel: Adam (希望創世記 (アダム) Kibousouseiki, lit, Genesis of hope)

Weapon: Sword.

Astral Armor: Vilon (神騎霊鎧・第一 (ヴィロン) Shinki Reigai: Daiichii, lit, Spirit Armor of God Warrior: 1st)

Inverse Form Edit

Demon King: Belphegor (絶望黒光 (ベルフェゴール) Zetsuboukurobikari, lit, Black Light Of Despair)

Weapon: Summoned Swords.

Astral Armor: Acedia (魔神霊鎧・無感動 (アケヂア) Majin Reigai: Mukando, lit, Spirit Armor of Demon God: Apathetic)

Trivia Edit

  • Ichiyu appearance is based on Sieg/Saber of Black from Fate/Apocrypha.
    • His inverse form is based on Haseo's B-st form from .Hack//G.U. TRILOGY