Oonuma Shouichi, formerly known as Kusakabe Shouichi (named by Asuka, possible as Takamiya Tetsuya) is a Kamen Rider Kabuto, and as well, the protagonist of Death Are Lives.

Unlike his counterpart, he possesses a strange power (ZECTER) that allows him to use special power called the Power of the Insectoid, given to him by the Void Genome. He attends Raizen First High School in class 2-A and is a member of the modern motion picture research club and a member from the group "Ratatoskr".


Appearance Edit

He is usually seen the looks of an average young man in high school. He has black hair down to his neck with a light blond streak on the left side, has straight hair and bangs, and brown eyes (red eyes in his form). He is usually seen wearing his school uniform. His height is stated to be 170 cm. For his time with the Spectre 0, he wore their standard uniform.

Personality Edit

Unlike from novel and anime, he was an unsociable 17 year old who tended to stay out of peoples way, forming quasi-friendships with others, but nothing more significant. However, this changes when he meets a girl named Kohinata Asagi. From that moment on, he gains the responsibility of one with "The Power of Insectoid," and he must learn to overcome his own weaknesses and form lasting bonds with his friends and allies.

History Edit

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Death Are LivesEdit

Powers and abilities Edit

Shouichi's main ability stems from the Void Genome, refered to by many as the "Power of the Insectoid". With this power Shouichi can scan out a person's Void by ZECTER: an object that is refered as a person's heart and ideas taken form. This ability is highly versatile, as each Void is unique to each person and have several different effects that can be used to deal with almost any situation. In order to use this power, Shouichi must look directly into the person's eyes as he scans out the Void which causes the person to remain paused. Or when he the belt does have, Shouichi able to transform into Kamen Rider Kabuto.


  • Shouichi's background is similar to Ganta Igarashi from Deadman Wonderland. Both characters had a female companion who possessed strange powers. Also, both Shouichi and Ganta forgot their own pasts after an explosion caused by their respective female companions left them in a state of shock.
  • Also, he is similar to Lelouch Lamprouge (actually Lelouch vi Britannia) from Code Geass. Both character had the protagonist and antihero.
  • Some fans compare him to Kisaragi Gentaro due to his attire and transformation devices.