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I swear I'll throw Sandalphon when he comes home…Mu~~

—Yuki, as she enetering Yandare-state

Summary Edit

Appearance Edit

The slender young woman with long dark-jade hair that tied up and pupils which colored dark green mix pale yellow.

Sometime, due similiar appearance (except hairstyle) she can mistaken as Tohka.

Personality Edit

She's very cheerful person that sometime can be very childish but she mostly acted mature. Due her little airhead-like personalities, she can easily fooled and in the end she get angry because of getting fooled. Aside from it, she have a caring persona that mostly to Dante but she also can be caring to other surround her.

There's a time when her personalities while change into Yandare-like state, but Dante always can calm her from that state.

Plot Edit

BlackWhite one Edit

Arc I: The coming

Arc II: Re:_

Power and Abilities Edit

Spirit Form Edit

Angel: Sandalphon (全滅宮殿(サンダルフォン), Zenmetsukyūden, lit., "Palace of Annihilation")

Weapon: Spear

Astral Dress: Adonai Ha-Aretz (別の神威霊装・十番 , Betsu no Shin'i Reisou: Juuban, lit., " Alternate Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 10")

Her power most of it was copy-paste of Tohka power. The only difference is she's using spear-art technique rather sword-art technique that Tohka use and she's bit more smarter than Tohka.

Yggdrasil's Confidental: Spirit's Data Edit

Risk Factor: AAA

Spacequake: B

Spirit's Astral Dress: AAA

Angel: AAA

Strength: 233

Consistency: 205

Spiritual Power: 130

Agility: 150

Intelligence: 90

Trivia Edit

  • The reason why she's still not sealed by Dante is due he was experimented about his theory that spirit can still live along with human without being sealed.
  • Her favorite food is boiled egg and her less favorite is eggplant.
  • In Dark Route, she was not appearing in story because Dante never meet her. The reason is unknown.